1. Science isn’t a belief or an idea. It’s a word for the knowledge obtained through systematic testing and explained through rational reasoning.

    It’s not a fucking belief. Don’t lump it together with religion like it’s optional.

    It’s our only tool for understanding the truth to the universe.

    I just had to get that out.

  2. It’s like i’m peering into hundreds of people’s lives

  3. Okay kids, so I had my bike at work today and I though it would be a good idea to ride it home. Of course, once I finished my shift, the sky opened up like God was letting his sink drain and I dabbled in the idea of ditching my bike and taking a cab home.

    And then I thought no Anita, you’re a strong woman, a little rain can’t hurt you!

    So I secured my bag (filled with my iphone and other easily-water-destroyed objects), let my balls drop and pushed myself out into the storm.

    I was immediately hit by what felt as if someone threw a bucket of water in my face, and regretted my decision. But there was no turning back now. I peddled furiously through the monsoon, with each breath bringing in a mouthful of water, I knew it was only a matter of time before I would feel the sweet warmth of a towel - and a dry pair of underwear.

    Since the rain was so heavy, I had to squint to see the road in front of me. I ended up using just one eye for some reason because my left one kept burning from city rainwater. I had a permentant squint-face.




    So while I’m biking down the wet, puddle filled street, I hear loud booms of thunder and flashes of lightening. I realized then that I’m covered in water and riding a metal bicycle. shift gears anita SHIFT GEARS

    As the sky raged above me, my fear continued to fuel my legs and drive my bike through the town. I continued to ask myself,  is it more dangerous to be in an open field or be underneath tall tress during a lightening storm?

    (Also it takes me around 20 mins to bike from work to my apartment.)

    I managed to take a break by a bridge with a roof and rung out my clothes so I wasn’t carrying 10lbs of water with me (now THAT’S a lot of WATER WEIGHT! HARHARHAR). During that time I checked on my water-wreckable belongings and grabbed my keys.  Then I made it safely to my building.

    Drenched. Squinty-faced. Covered in mud. But alive. Alive I tell you!


    (Imagine this on a bike.)

    Well, barely, alive.

    Note to self: always take cabs during lightening storms.

  4. - My Dad

    Being a body-imaged obsessed teen, I didn’t take my father’s words to heart. I thought it was just some stock phrase parents use to brush off their daughter’s concerns about her body weight. But now, five years later, I find myself saying that same quote to a lot of my body-troubled friends.

    Being active and treating your body well isn’t about obtaining an ideal body. It’s about just feeling positive. Feeling sexy. Feeling accomplished. Like I said in a previous post, being healthy shouldn’t be about reached goal weights. It’s when you can get out of that sick mindset and start loving yourself no matter how you think you look. 

    Now that I feel like a part of the fitblr community, I see that there are a lot of people who in the pursuit of health, lose themselves and their positive body goals. They count calories, obsess over how much they run, obsess over their weight training and early morning work outs. They stress out over the slightest cheat, worry about family dinners and people’s opinions concerning their hard core healthy lifestyle.

    Being healthy becomes a neuroticism.

    And that can’t be healthy at all.

  5. Reached 500 posts woohoo!

    Now for a long rant. Bear with me.

    Whenever I see something on my dash that I don’t agree with, I bring up that blog’s ask box and begin typing a response to prove their beliefs wrong. And then I stop myself and ask “why am I doing this?”. What will I accomplish my arguing this person’s opinions into the dirt? What was my reasoning to come to this decision?

    And then I delete what I wrote.

    In real life, I’m a bit of a know-it-all. I try to correct people and impress them with how much I know and how much I understand about the world. When someone makes an incorrect observation or has values I disagree with, I have this incredible urge to tell them how wrong they are, to tell them  how very little they understand about the universe and how selfish they were for not knowing sooner. It’s awful. I know. And telling people how wrong they are won’t change anything.

    I realized that today when I was about to make a response to a certain view point about honey harvesting cruelty. The information source posted said that honey wasn’t vegan because it was essentially bee-vomit and that bees can be squished during the honey harvest. Honestly, I felt like that was akin to saying "Don’t drink vodka! Some bacteria died while making that alcohol! They have cellular respiration! They make ATP like the rest of us!"


    Now, I’m not saying I’m not in favor of veganism, because I support any kind of lifestyle that centers around organic and sustainable living. But with any diet choice there are claims that seem to be mostly morals and very little science. And the morals are what really bothers me.

    Anyway, coming back to my original thought. Telling people that they’re wrong won’t change what they believe in, especially if they have been practicing those beliefs for a long period of time. People have their minds made up, and it’s useless to push that boulder of faith for the sake of your own satisfaction. That’s why I won’t write about bee-vomit or yogurt or alcohol or religion or violence or politics because people have strong affirmation in everything that encompasses their being. Every choice and decision could be offensive or annoying to others, but to yourself, your choices are perfect

    People shouldn’t argue what’s best for you.

    Well, that’s all I wanted to say. I feel better now. Any thoughts?