1. Buy local, buy fresh, buy wholesome
  2. If you can’t picture what is in your packaged food, don’t buy it! (ex Propyl p-hydroxybenozoate)
  3. Make your food from scratch. Eliminating convenience will add a whole new meaning to preparing and enjoying food
  4. Mix up cooked and raw foods
  5. Eat a wide color spectrum of foods
  6. Embrace where your food comes from, visit a farm, pick berries or apples, or even de-bone a fish!
  7. Take time out of your day to prepare your food
  8. Be thoroughly satisfied with your culinary successes!
  9. Be thoroughly satisfied with your culinary failures! It’s a learning experience!
  10. Food can be an intimate dinner for one with your favorite movie, or a social feast for family and friends. Let your food become incorporated in your daily life, not just as a necessity, 

What are your food philosophies?