primalpalette said: Before you dismiss Fluoride as being safe, do a Google news search for it. Just type in "fluoride". All mainstream media, and the first 3+ pages are filled with the controversy. Some areas have already voted out the use of it in their drinking water. I'm not trying to influence your opinion, but check out the latest & greatest evidence. The scientists that aren't getting paid for their studies tend to heavily fall on the side of "not safe".

Sorry it took me to long to get back to you.

I’m not expressing my opinion, I’m just stating what I know as facts. We would be worse off without fluoride than with it. Fluoride is only toxic is large quantities, and people don’t consume it to a toxic level. I guess we should ban toothpaste too, because it also contains trace amounts of fluoride.

I really love your blog. I just hope that you don’t rely on mainstream media as your facts source. I’ve written a couple university papers about how scientific journalism can actually skew the results of a scientific study or even question the legitimacy of a scientific study. And sometimes they DO catch papers and studies that have violated the scientific method and have biased results.

All of the animal testing that showed neural toxicity, bone damages, and loss of kidney function had an incredible amount of fluoride injected to damage these systems, like wayyy wayy more than we would EVER encounter. And the survey studies done on human populations didn’t have enough statistical evidence to rule out third party variables.

I do agree that fluoride will need more testing, and that it’s important to raise awareness that there IS fluoride in some drinking water. But I don’t think it’s right to go ahead and label something and dangerous when one hasn’t don’t proper research on the topic. 

That’s my two cents.