This little guy is a microbe that casues gastro-intestinal issues in many humans. Ingesting food contaminated with campylobacter jejuni can cause pretty horrible diarreah (and other things).

I’m learning about outbreaks associated with this darling microbe, mostly it’s a bunch of raw milk with fecal contamination.

One particular article I read was rather funny. Well, funny in a strange way. You can find the article here. But basically, a group of individuals became sick after eating raw milk that a parent provided to the school for some sort of school event. The weird thing is that at the end of the article it says that the farm did not sell the milk to the school. So there were no legal charges because the parent had bought the milk as a consumer and then gave it to the students.

I don’t know if this parent experienced any repercussions for their actions, or maybe they just lacked common sense in general, but I think that’s just stupid on the parent’s part. Who buys raw milk and thinks “Oh, this MUST be completely safe to feed to children.”

EDIT: I also found out today that this guy only need 500 cells to make you sick. That is not a lot of cells.